Thank you for contacting Annapolis Cruisair!

**We are REQUIRING all boats be vacant, Due to Covid. It being our busy season, it's impossible to schedule time/appointments. If you can not leave the boat open/ available your service may be delayed. If this procedure does not work for you, we will refer you to one of our factory trained dealers.**

Thank you for your cooperation.

*Please Note: we are approx. 3 weeks out.

(If this is a potential warranty we follow the same procedures)


• Your CREDIT CARD INFO. Your request WILL remain pending until we have this information. If your card declines or is missing information, there will be a delay in service unitil we get the correct information. Please be on the look out for a follow up email.
• Please make sure all information for the tech, is on the form.
• appliance info and location of the boat is a must.

Please be aware: We REQUIRE a 24-hour cancellation notice. If our truck goes out to your vessel, you will not be reimbursed for the initial hour at the rate of $175.00. ALL cards are initially charged $175.00, this covers the first hour of travel and labor.

Also, please contact us if you will be taking your boat out of the slip. We will make sure the technician is aware of when the boat will not be available. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us via email or phone. Thank you for your cooperation and Thank You for your business!

Service Request Form:

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*We need the full billing address and name of person or company responsible for billing.


Thank you for your business!