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Since 1961 Annapolis Cruisair has won many service awards for outstanding customer service! Sail Boat
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About Annapolis Cruisair

When Jeremy Crews started Cruisair in the early 1960s, he had just a handful of dealers to help him install and service his revolutionary products. Annapolis Cruisair was one of them. Founded by Marvin Marshall in 1961, it still carries the flag today with a third generation of Cruisair quality service in Annapolis, Maryland.

Throughout the year, the second Cruisair generation, Debbie, Denny, Bryan and Betty Marshall, and Marvin's grand children Nicole, and Matt conduct the particulars of the business.

Annapolis Cruisair services boats throughout the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland including Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Charles County, Queen Annes and Talbot County on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Dennis and Bryan Marshall receiving one of many awards they receive every year for outstanding service.

Denny, Bryan, and Matt are expert Cruisair, Marine Air, Vitrifrigo and Kohler service technicians, who have been around these products their entire lives. They provide a timely mobile service to the immediate Annapolis area. But in the big picture, the company serves in the capacity of the Cruisair family network "go to" point for over 100 other dealers in Maryland and the surrounding areas. Debbie, Nicole and Betty are the sales and service team. They take care of the incoming sales and service for the business and  directs customers to the most convenient dealer available when a call comes in for after-market sales or service. Keeping the Cruisair customer happy is a priority. "A quick referral to a reliable dealer goes a long way for our reputation," says Debbie. The other factor in the company's success is that Debbie, Nicole and Betty also has the knowledge and experience to assist her dealers and customers in determining what parts to order and maintain. "We try our best to handle all inquiries in a timely and professional manner." Nicole.

In the early days, Marvin used a small seaplane to cover his servicing area. At first this area was wherever he could fly. Jeremy says, "This is how he got the name Midnight Marvin." If service were needed, Marvin would get there. Often he would fly hundreds of miles in order to service multiple customers a day. That last customer might be awakened by the sound of Midnight Marvin in his Cessna 260 pontoon plane taxiing in to the rescue late in the evening.

Marvin has received the Cruisair Lifetime Achievement Award, and Annapolis Cruisair gets the Cruisair Outstanding Service Award every year at the factory school. "Cruisair is an outstanding company to work with."

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Cruisair / Marine air Turbo System
turbo series unit

A self-contained air conditioner has all of the major components mounted on a single chassis, which is installed in the living area; usually under a bunk or settee, or in a locker. Cooling-only models are available, as well as reverse-cycle, which can cool or heat. Also available are air conditioning kits, which include the self-contained unit, water pump, ducting, and grilles -- all the components needed for a complete system.

A single unit can cool each cabin, or can be ducted to two or more cabins to save space and cost. Self-contained units often require less power than other systems due to the highly efficient rotary compressors.

The Turbo series of marine HVAC completely revolutionized self-contained cooling and heating with patented innovations in air conditioning system design.

The rust-free molded composite drain pan has three drains for the rapid removal of condensate water.

An advanced cushioning system results in quieter, virtually vibration-free operation. The enclosed blower motor eliminates overhang to provide easier installation.


The StowAway unit is designed for easy installation and serviceability. All wiring hookups, starting components and charging ports are conveniently. The units are precharged and tested at the factory, eliminating the need for field charge. In addition to the basic StowAway unit, the following components are required to complete the installation and are ordered separately: Seawater Cooling System, Air Distribution System, and Controls.

Gas Generators - Low CO
Kohler Marine Power
Kohler Power systems

 Kohler Power Systems

A full selection of low-CO gas and smooth, quiet-running diesel generators and support equipment, backed by the most impressive support network on land or sea, and designed by those who know how boaters like to use them.

Small in size, big on performance. KOHLER(R) 4 to 15 kW gasoline generators are perfect for both cruisers and sport boats.

Discover why the world's leading pleasure craft manufacturers specify KOHLER marine generators - time-tested alternator and reliable 4-cycle engines deliver peace of mind and dependability.

Low Maintenance - Automatic shutdowns for everything from loss of coolant to low oil pressure protect against costly damage. And, brushless alternators combined with rugged, full-pressure lubricated engines make these generators virtually maintenance free.

Easy To Service - Single-side access for routine fluid and maintenance checks makes these generators as practical as they are dependable.

Quiet Operation - Attractive sound shields combine maximum silencing with superior ventilation. A cradle-mount system on select models helps reduce engine vibration.